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24 Hour Emergency Care

VERG- Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group

Cobble Hill

Address: 318 Warren St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: (718) 522-9400

Bluepearl Veterinary Partners

Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West

Address: 410 W 55th St New York, NY 10019

Contact: (212) 767-0099

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists


Address:1 W 15th St New York, NY 10011

Contact: (347) 380-9140

VERG-Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group South

Marine Park

Address: 2220 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234

Contact: (718) 677-6700

A Elmhurst Animal Emergency Hospital PC


Address: 8706 Queens Blvd Elmhurst, NY 11373

Contact: (718) 426-4444

BluePearl Brooklyn

Park Slope, Boerum Hill

Address: 32 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: (718) 596-0099

Staten Island Companion Dog

From their website: Staten Island Companion Dog Training Club, Inc. is Staten Island’s only dog obedience and agility club. We are...

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Bash Dibra

Bash Dibra has been involved in dog training and writing pet training books for over 30 years which help pet owners address dog problems...

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A New Member of the Pack

According to the Humane Society, about forty percent of US households that have dogs have more than one dog, with the large majority of...

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A Routine for Dog Owners

Your puppy needs consistency in his daily routine to have a healthy and fit life. Once he’s safely ensconced in his home, make a...

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Dog Training Errors

While training a dog, the handler can make a number of different mistakes. First and most important mistakes new dog trainers make is that...

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How to Find a Good Dog Trainer

Finding a professional dog trainer may take a bit of research, but making the right choice will be worth the time. Here are some guidelines...

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How to Make Training Fun for Your Puppy

While training a puppy can be an investment of both time and energy, it’s certain to be rewarding. Just know that the moments of...

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Showing Pack Leadership in Dog Training

By Martin Deeley Like children, your dog is often watching you and learning from your actions and reactions. Training is not just a formal...

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Teaching Your Dog to Sit

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the most basic, important, and fortunately easy, things you can do. Even a relatively young puppy can...

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Training Technique – Desensitization

Does your pet experience stress during certain events, or when interacting with other pets or people? Whether your cat fears males or your...

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Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language

It’s easy to interpret a dog’s behavior the same way you might interpret a friend’s. But it’s important to remember...

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Top 10 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Whether you’ve recently adopted a pet or you’re considering it, one of the most important health decisions you’ll make is to spay or...

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