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After being diagnosed with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease (EOAD) at age 57, Rick Phelps was given an Exelon patch and a directive to make a follow-up appointment with his neurologist in six months.
That’s […]

It’s been one year since Hurricane Sandy struck the east coast. Approximately 147 people died and an estimated 650,000 homes were destroyed or damaged by the flood waters.

Pets in storm-ridden areas also felt […]

Brianna suffers from epilepsy and experiences frequent seizures, the Clare Champion reports.

"She is quite a complex child,” her mother, Arabella Scanlan, told the Champion, “She forgets to breathe and then […]


It’s been a ruff life for these dogs — and their faces show it. Meet 70 senior citizen mutts in “Dogs with Old Man Faces.”

Just like their human counterparts, the wise pups in this portrait book are hairy, […]


If you're a fan of animal rescue stories AND extreme makeovers, keep reading!

After a rough rainstorm one day, Dr. Brenda Gough's husband looked out on their large field and thought he spotted some old carpet […]


I've worked as a dog-walker and pet-sitter off and on for over a decade, and as someone who's experienced both sides of the pet-care coin, I've picked up some tips on what to look for in a pet-sitter. May your […]


A fundraising campaign has been launched for a new comic book. This isn't just any comic book, though; it will follow the adventures of a three-legged rescue dog named Piggy.

"A Piggy's Tale," written by Tod […]

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