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24 Hour Emergency Care

VERG- Veterinary Emergency and Referral Group

Cobble Hill

Address: 318 Warren St Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: (718) 522-9400

Bluepearl Veterinary Partners

Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West

Address: 410 W 55th St New York, NY 10019

Contact: (212) 767-0099

Fifth Avenue Veterinary Specialists


Address:1 W 15th St New York, NY 10011

Contact: (347) 380-9140

VERG-Veterinary Emergency & Referral Group South

Marine Park

Address: 2220 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234

Contact: (718) 677-6700

A Elmhurst Animal Emergency Hospital PC


Address: 8706 Queens Blvd Elmhurst, NY 11373

Contact: (718) 426-4444

BluePearl Brooklyn

Park Slope, Boerum Hill

Address: 32 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217

Contact: (718) 596-0099

Concise description of your business.

We are the place to go for everything health about your pet.

What inspired you to open your business?

My own personal dog and my own personal situation with her health. Going from traditional veterinary medicine and traditional products in terms of food, toys, and treats. I learned a very hard way that there was a healthier way to treat your pet.

What makes your business different then others of its type?

The main thing is that we don’t do this for money. We do this strictly for the animals and to teach people how to make their pets healthier. So we are not a location where your gonna come and find a combination platter. In other words, we only carry healthy products. We don’t have a little section for health products and everything else. There is no everything else here. Everything is healthy. Everything is natural. Everything promotes good well being for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals.

Any local dog activities you recommend?

Well, we always recommend that dogs get exercised by their owners, if they can. The biggest thing that an apartment dwelling dog does not get in sufficient exercise and socialization. You know, unless your out in a field somewhere it’s very difficult to give a dog the appropriate amount of exercise that it needs. Not only for its bodily functions, but for mental stimulation. Sitting in an apartment all day long all by itself can be very frustrating to dogs in particular.

Local Vets?
No, we don’t really do specific recommendations in terms of vets, pet sitters, or places to go. Everything that we suggest is based on a huge amount of more positive feedback, rather then negative feedback. Who you think might be the best thing on the planet, someone else had a bad experience with. So, we try to tailor our suggestions to practitioners who have a very open mind, that do practice a more naturally approach in terms of homeopathy, herbs, and vitamins. Not resorting to antibiotics as the first knife in the drawer, so to speak.

Preferred Dog Run?
No, all of them, anywhere you can let your get some exercise is great. You know, best dog run, all the streets of New York City, if you live here.


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  1. Profile photo of Pink Pink says:

    Yes, this is one of the best pet supplies in Manhattan. The guys are very good with holistic care.

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